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My Latest Project and Passion: JBro Gardening

Follow along with the most effective and easy ways I use to grow food. I am restoring a couple of plots in community gardens to show you how. Follow along and leave a comment!

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Secret Space Events on my Mind:

The UFO and conspiracy world is buzzing from statements and releases by US officials. The Navy filed a couple of radical patents. One is a new type of spacecraft propulsion (here) and the other is a compact plasma fusion reactor (here).

We have been hearing testimony about these technologies and craft for decades. Government statements about these secrets is incredible to me. The Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett and Congressman Mike Rogers even came out saying they are in favor of declassifying parts of the secret space program (story here).

Imagine human construction and mass transportation when anti-gravity is rolled out! Is our sci-fi space society really coming into existence before our eyes? Do some research and share this info with friends and family.

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