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The Automated Creek Rehabilitation Network (Sci-Fi)

The three meter diameter ship glided around the forest, hunting for granite buried beneath. Its sensors could perceive all frequencies of matter through the planet's crust to a depth of 20 meters. Below that, the layers of vibrational fields merged and became difficult to discern.

After a brief search, a suitable granite boulder was found at a depth of nearly two meters, buried over millenia after falling from the cliff above. A lightweight alloy sheet was deployed from beneath the ship and placed on to the side. Using lasers and manipulating the electro-gravitic fields, it cut around then lifted out the upper soil layers.

The intact soil clump glided over to the sheet, where its sides were wrapped up in a temporary raised bed. Next, mini laser excavators dropped into the hole to completely free the rock.

The boulder was liberated from the Earth and suspended in the air. The blueprint for the size and shape needed from the stone were overlaid on the raw chunk. A few laser cuts brought the stone down to size. The excess pieces dropped to partially refill the newly excavated pit.

The energy fields making up the granite were used to form it into the blueprint as ship and its new block hovered towards the construction zone.

After depositing the block, its next task was to finish patching the damage of the dig. Dirt and sand were dredged from a section of the creek bed which needed to be deeper. The floating alloy sheet was loaded with the mixture. The excavator ship returned to its latest dig site with its new payload in tow.

Without major damage, the topsoil was replaced and water was added to settle the patch. Some of the leading principles for the network was to first improve the surrounding nature, next to not disturb the environment, and third, to complete many tasks at once with maximum efficiency.

The excavation ship silently turned, heading off to hunt more material. About 92% of the mass required for the structure had been gathered. Just a couple more of these "gentle minings" would be needed.

The builder ship hovered, putting finishing touches on the stones and placing them. It followed the plans laid out holographically as it had repeated for over 1200 structures before this one.

During the construction process, the blocks were then melt-molded into the perfect shape and size of block that was next needed for the multi-purpose structure.

As the perfectly geometric mini-pyramid was taking shape, the air around began to cool, invisible geometric forces beginning to exert their influence on the local atmosphere.

Each brick was fused with its neighbor, an ancient technique from the African refugees that colonized South America millenia ago before returning to the stars. The granite bricks continued to be manipulated by fields of various frequencies down to their crystalline structures and perfectly placed.

A specially formed granite block was placed towards the top middle of the small pyramid. It functioned as a highly conscious super computer for communications, diagnostics, and information storage.

This "computing block" relayed information across the local creek efforts and up to the command ships. Its granite had been specially formed down to the molecular level. It could analyze and interact with the local environment across all spectrums of frequencies.

Healing energies emitted from the structure to deeply cleanse and heal all biological cells over a kilometer radius. The severe pollution was broken down into locally beneficial compounds. This build process was repeated wherever a granite structure was found. Environmental rebirth and healing was their primary objective.

Viewed from a larger perspective, this mini pyramid was many things at once. It birthed this local stream with pure water, was an energetic healing device, communications center, super computer, and scientific instrument array. "Maximum efficiency!" is the way the Creek Net operates.

This particular pyramid was built into the side of a hill, on a flat that had been planed by the larger building ship's lasers. This area has a low chance of erosion when the creek flooded. It might be buried by an earthquake some day, but the wider network of overseers could uncover and repair it should the need arise. The buildings were stronger than natural granite, so their only real threat was magma.

These small condenser structures could withstand severe cataclysms unscathed since technically they were one piece of fused granite using geometric construction principles. In a crisis, they could also serve as useful projectiles, being accelerated to a velocity of a couple kilometers per second and made to explode with devastating granite shrapnel.

The building's higher consciousness would then become a distributed cloud hive mind that would actually function more efficiently in the atmosphere or in orbit.

As for condensing, the stones remained cool, below the dew point about 95% of the time. An hour after construction was complete, two constant trickles of water from the atmosphere flowed from the channels in the mini pyramid. The structure and its network could also direct the energy fields around it to cool or warm it as needed. This kept it from freezing or evaporating the water.

This atmospheric water was energetically purified, the contaminant molecules broken into basic nutrients. This process was more intense within the structure compared to the fields extending to the local area. This small nutrient rich stream would feed into the creek and local environment as long as it remained here and the atmosphere did not radically change.

After two days of automated efforts, the ships had completed their structure. The two ship team seemed satisfied, each AI conferring with the new pyramid computer. The local creek net would monitor the building's output and maintenance. Moving it to another coordinate to improve the restoration efforts of this local environment would be simple as well.

The ships moved over a hilltop to their next designated construction site. The next multi-use pyramid would be about 1.3 kilometers away, another healing node among the tens of millions in construction on this reborn planet.

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