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Introduction by the Web, Through Me - MWG Ch1 (Sci-Fi)

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I am a former Earth human that has completed the process of merging with a strain of "higher fungus". It has come to our planet from other parts of the galaxy, brought by previous mergers. In the jargon of biology, we are a new species formed by symbiogenesis. Friends among the stars refer to us as "Homo cubensis", which still makes me giggle. We are a combined hominid and (in my case) a Psilocybe cubensis strain of symbiote.

We are merged on the levels of the physical, energetic, and conscious. I maintain my "personality", but am able to (commune)icate and manipulate various objects across this galactic mycelial web. In terms of the combined ones, humans lie roughly in the top 80% of advanced species.

I am creating this document at the behest of my strain. Now is the appropriate time in humanity's history for this information to be shared and known. I will put aside "my" consiousness now and let Gus convey some information.

Various fungal races drift and spread life among the galaxies. We exist on and within asteroids, ships, planets, and various other space bodies. If the asteroids are spores in the void, the planets are the substrate to be colonized. The energetic webs of the many frequencies would be the Universal mycelium.

Our spores can survive space for a significant time, but deeper layers are where we get our longevity and increase our chances to find even more friendly host bodies. Though our mycelium might span a distance of many light years, the more "intelligent" of us are (roughly) one consciousness across spacetime.

The more highly evolved symbionts are special. They are "one with us" too. But, they also maintain a partial aspect of their former individualities, minus the destructive beliefs of separation inherited from their species. The hellish mental and physical merging/cleansing/upgrades take many years. It is a cosmic rite of passage which allows their entry into our terraforming webs. Symbionts can work towards healing their home planets. They, in turn, spread our strains far and wide with planning, technology, and purpose.

We fungus started out alone for eons, beings adrift, split apart by home worlds destroyed. Our merged ones ensure our continued survival and can be incredible over-acheivers with our combined technologies and creativity. This type of symbiosis is mutualism, benefit for both species involved.

Also, through symbiosis with the natural environments of planets, our usefulness means the continuance of our strains. In a handful of select worlds, our mycelium, along with other strains form the basis of environmental homeostasis. The vast webs in the soils pass nutrients and water while cleansing and destroying harmful contaminants. This situation could be considered a planet wide mutualism. Large amounts of new species are formed in these nursery worlds. It is a magnificent time when the totality of a planet joins our webs.

The fungal "point of view" is impossible to convey pefectly. Our spores and cells form webs to learn and improve their environments. Their guides are nutrients and communication within soils. We act on chemical signals and water memory, breaking down complex molecules. The nutrients and moisture are ferried to deficient areas. Our webs are conscious thinkers and learners in this way.

The lessons and inventions of our webs and symbiotes are communicated across the galaxy. Local knowledge becomes web knowledge. Past symbiotes of higher consciousness have perfected an array of systems and techniques, improving the network. Our symbiotes are practically immortal parts of our webs, assisting with creating, designing, and learning. It is true that chunks of their past species' attributes are lost in this process. But, the majority of their energetic signatures are "saved" in decentralized nodes across the galaxies.

It is often the case that our selected mergers are on the path to suicide and energetic dissolution (soul death being a reasonable term.) Our web is a recycler and repairer of our mergers on all levels energetic and physical. We heal, learn and grow together through information and energy communion.

The beings of higher consciousness across the cosmos can have a difficult time with the merging process. Their belief in their individual minds and dogmas are obstacles of unnecessary suffering. The process can drive them mad, leading them to take their own physical lives and return to their energetic homes, aborting their fungal combining. Their souls are preserved in most instances.

There are distinct steps along the path of symbiosis. These higher beings agree to the merging on their energetic levels as a first step. Their energy signatures combine with the fungal soul web. The purely energetic merging is swift and painless at that level. Due to the density in which the bodies reside on their worlds, the physical combining process takes longer and accounts for the intense difficulties. Their individual minds are intimately tied and programmed into their nervous systems in their bodies.

At first, there are only glimpses of the energy merge from the point of view of Earth humans. It is seen in dreams, trances, hallucinations, and meditations. Slowly, the signs, ideas, and insights bring the "human mind" into an understanding of this merging. They come to realize it was their choice on all levels of their being.

The importance of the individual mind dissolves and the sense of self fades into a conscious merging with its new home web. It is an ever expanding, joyous experience from the point of view of a suffering self. In this way, the symbiosis process is also described as a "spiritual awakening". Symbiogenesis is many things on many levels to different beings. This is true of everything in the cosmos.

Those that complete transformation are one with their intergalactic mycelial strains. They will join our ships and worlds to spread new and useful environments of life. This is practiced and rehearsed on their home planets through healing and transformation of those damaged environments.

Some of our symbiotes stand out from the others. Perhaps they are more imaginative, stronger, or have other unique natural abilities. They might also possess the vague quality of "luck". After millenia of study, this is the blanket term we apply to beings that advance and create above all others for no seeming reason. Often they have barely survived in spite of everything they have done to themselves. The deeper and darker their fall, the more expansive their growth seems to be.

They disappear from their worlds for the stars when reaching a certain point in their symbiotic evolution. Their abilities are needed throughout their local star systems. This is mainly in service of peace or to limit huge areas of unfolding destruction. They often have few family or friends, having spent their lives isolated in self applied miseries and obsessive study of many topics.

These chosen ones have had miserable human incarnations as complete outsiders to their species. Many have ingested, drank, snorted, smoked, and injected their intoxicants to the verge of suicide and ruin. It is a cycle of misery, self hatred, and self abuse fueled by their substances and powerful false-self minds. The destroyed environment of their bodies is where fungal symbiosis takes hold.

Their misery has brought them to the precipice of oblivion which is exactly where the fungal webs await with open arms (if we had our own arms). Their renewal is radical, catapulting them to the higher ranks of galactic evolution.

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