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Spreading my Spores Around - MWG Ch10 (Sci-Fi)

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A deep understanding has risen within me that I am now a transmission vector for my fungus. I emit spores through my skin patch, my breathing, and my bodily waste. These notions are backed by the physical proofs of the last year. I have been overtaken by calm acceptance and understanding of this state. I naturally exhale and inoculate my surroundings.

Over the past few months I have been internally guided around the cities and beaches along the entire coast of San Diego county. I've roamed from Imperial Beach all the way up to Oceanside. I took the Sprinter train, buses, and trolleys, bar hopping along the way, of course. It was a blast!

My given strategy was simple: mass inoculation of highly trafficked areas. My wanderings were guided to city centers, beaches, public transit and a couple of times to the airport for good measure. Spores should be airborne, after all.

Since the bars are never cleaned well and a variety of locals and travelers come in for a drink, I know the spores will migrate widely from there. Plus, I'm a drunk... so any excuse is a good one for me.

Walking the crowded streets, I would frequently touch my spore patch and run my hand along different buildings and plants, focusing on planters with high foot traffic. It must have been funny to see a maniac fondling plants around town!

When I saw a trail down to a creek or river (usually next to a bridge), I would take it. As the homeless looked on in confusion, I would wash my arm spore patch, say "hi", offer sips of my rum, and be on my merry way.

The creeks are the blood vessels of the environment carrying my spores to their new homes. As the mushrooms form over time, the onshore winds will carry the spores inland. The weather is always perfect! Psilocybes are rare in these parts and I am working to fix that.

It has felt like a shamanic journey of purpose and rituals. I feel like I'm being pushed or controlled somehow, but I've never felt more alive. Of course, parts of my mind hold to doubts about all of this. If these actions are a function of my insanity, I am not hurting anyone, so I have no qualms.

I feel fulfilled, as though I've done great and important things. I am exhausted, but with a deep sense of accomplishment and interconnection. On a human level, that was a tremendous amount of hiking and drinking from which to recover!

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