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Early Evolution of Galactic Spores - MWG Ch2 (Sci-Fi)

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The wandering motion of inoculated asteroids began slowly finding wider host environments over the lazy galactic eons. Through time, new environments shaped new strains. We began growing in consciousness as we developed strategies of searching for food and information.

The early evolutionary forms of fungus came into being on watery planets which were then blown apart by asteroids, supernovae, and other cosmic collision events.

Mycelium burrowed into bodies that were suitable and began treks of many millenia. Thus began our spread among the void in various directions. Our memories were not well developed then, so our precise origins are unclear. We found new elements and complex molecules with which to build, learn, and interact.

In this fractal style of expansion, our microscopic spores became evolving space spores. Each inoculated planet is a mushroom of the galaxy, their spores emmitted into space by the quadrillions.

Merging with other life forms, aka symbiosis, became our early ways of survival. The first paternerships were with the simplest bacteria and micro-algae. Mutualism was born when we shared resources and protected each other in various ways. Our survival was enhanced as we embedded within these new life forms.

We learned to work in a more logical and targeted fashion together. Their higher experiences and minds became ours. Our spreading began to be done with purpose! Our web's consciousnesses, advancements, and reach began growing with exponential intelligence.

Our shared knowledge and learned lessons grew and fed on each other. We found crystallized compounds in space bodies which could store our information. Our memory systems were born in electromagnetic fields and began to complexify. Our minds began to flow and ooze into vast underground veins of quartz, diamond, and other deposits in planets and asteroids.

The entire web, along with its symbionts now share access to the totality of the web's information equally. At a certain point, techniques for hyperdimensional, instantaneous information transfer across space developed. Our communications and memories were now instant and intergalactic!

New ships and terraforming innovations arose from the input of the humanoid mergers. In this way, our web has been strengthened and protected consistently. Production of new ships, buildings, vehicles, growing techniques and other technologies begin as soon as they are developed.

Our mergers become great spreaders of all life throughout the stars with fungal life at its base. Our symbionts merge with still others and become great hubs of further innovation. They are in bliss as great creators in unity with their fungus. They feel the hell of their symbiogenesis process was obviously worth this cosmic honor, but they surely did not hold this view while the process was underway. The outcome was ususally not known to them.

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