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Introduction by the Symbiote Author - MWG Ch3 (Sci-Fi)

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"My" consciousness is one with this ship collective, yet I maintain a limited sense of a human self identity. It will be difficult to convey these "me vs. us" terms in English. My ship has given this assignment by way of our wider local galactic web.

I will execute it to the best of my ability and wish to do nothing else. I have all the time I need to complete this as we can send it back in time to be shared across the Internet communication web of Earth. It is coming together quickly, though.

Beings of many conscious levels comprise this group, united and connected interdimensionally through our strains. Our purpose is to create new environments and spread the corresponding life to those planets. The basis of our newly created ecosystems are the fungal strains, which also allows the mycelium the best chance of long term survival.

The fungal symbiotic interface that has grown onto my nervous system allows conscious communication and information sharing across the entirety of my strain's web. The mycelium that permeates my body is also my new partial identity, my strain. Different fungus merge with all types and levels of beings throughout space. I am nothing special or unique.

At my level or "rank", I control, analyze, and optimize the tasks of local terraforming ships. These are at work tirelessly on the surface and orbital levels of this fruiting planetary environment that is our latest home. We are working a few hundred light years from Earth.

That is my normal task, but now I am directed to work on this document since my origin is Earth and I am a native English speaker, from California actually!

My jobs for the time being have been ferried to others. Another with my abilities was transported from a few dozen light years away. I may move on to other worlds after this, but that is not too important. This shows I still partially have the egoic human "me" after symbiogenesis.

At times, I am in energetic communion with other teams of this star system. I am more of a "freelancer", really. We make constant edits to our operations, designs, and plans. Our communication is also open to our wider mycelial webs throughout space, scanning for newly created designs or technologies which may assist our efforts.

We are quick to adapt and test anything that might streamline our projects. These novel efforts are transmitted outward and analyzed across our web. Sharing is growing!

Rigid rules, hierarchies of control, profit motives, and entrenched protocols hamper all logical progress, so that is not our way. We spread life preacefully into the void with the strains as the foundation of new environments. Patnership and community guide our ways.

Looking back on my Earth life from this new star system, Gus found me at the edge of suicide and a rare energetic dissolution. Fungus recycles the physical and energetic dead, I would soon come to learn from "internal lessons".

I guess it was "dead enough" in my case. Maybe "dead inside" is more accurate. The importance of English descriptions have faded with my new brain structure. Images, intuition, instinct, and relations between things and scenarios have mostly replaced the lower word thoughts of the mushy brain.

I was pondering the easiest route to end that incarnation, maybe one that looked like an accident, when the mycelium in my brain reached a critical mass. It was right on time, of course. How could it not be with a pan-galactic fungal race which stood outside of time and had taken an interest in my body, soul, and mind for mutual benefit? Plus, the web had a lot of practice merging with miserably insane hominids like me.

The mycelium throughout my body and skull had begun to cleanse and restructure my brain. My glands were undergoing purification as well. Those two processes led to a critical threshold that made itself known in an instant. This was the first stage where the energetic merging stepped down to initiate the cascade of physical reforms.

Gus signalled my consciousness intensely while in a trance one day at the beach. In that moment, I had the perception that a neutron star had ignited in the middle of my head. I describe that event in the next section of this document.

Symbiogenesis had been initiated, I later came to understand. It was mundane to Gus, but reality shattering to me. It was precisely what I needed.

I actually came to understand all of this after the processing. While going through the early stages, I was convinced I had a brain tumor or was mercifully dying. Being a completely isolated drunk pothead, I was able to keep the madness of my thoughts a secret.

I vowed to myself that if my insanity overflowed to hurting or threatening others, I would end my life. I've always thought mass murderers should have the decency to just off themselves without spreading their misery.

I've been guided by my ship to compile these experiences for many reasons. For one, this narrative might help ease the horrors of other mergers. My merging was filled with nightmarish trances of archons and demons, extreme physical suffering, and emotional despairs that I don't wish on anyone.

This information is given freely to humanity as an introduction to deeper layers of their planetary and galactic environments. Perhaps we can show our ways of partnership to ease this transition of Earth and its people. Becoming a space civilization is difficult, but assistance inundates you all. You need but open to it.

The following pages describe how my human-fungus symbiogenesis unfolded in loose order. My incarnation, time orientation and English are fuzzier now after symbiosis (and from space), so the events presented may be somewhat disorganized. Not the nightmares, though! No, they remain very clear.

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