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Dreaming an Energetic Rebirth and Wacky Realities - MWG Ch5 (Sci-Fi)

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This drunken bender has been one for the books. I really lose myself in the party when I travel. I guess it's the romance of a different country, but I know that's a lame excuse. I feel like a walking international incident.

It's one of those hangovers that lingered all day even though I'm in my early 20's. My body temperature regulation was all kinds of fucked today. The cold sweats were followed by hot, dry chills that came in erratic waves. I still managed to drag myself to the museum and was rewarded with a massive ancient Egyptian exhibit hidden in the basement. It was well worth the struggle to get there.

I am suffering slightly less tonight as I dive into the bottom of my comfy futon bunk bed at the hostel. I feel a hint of inner peace for the first time this week.

My current condition is sweaty and slimy, unshowered, feeling like a proper traveling dirtbag. I meditate and began deep breathing. I can tell my body is ready for a long ass sleep as I close my eyes. I think my bone marrow is aching...

That's strange, my body and surroundings are now a pastel type of pure energy. It reminds me of a foggy beach night backlit by a neon bar district. This is different though, underlying the atmosphere is a shimmering darkness.

Wow, I'm confused. I start to float upright and move through the bunk bed, then the wall into the hallway. I view this "neon light me" from a few meters down the hall. "That's interesting,.." Did I forget I dropped LSD again?

I seem to have just entered a familiar higher dimensional laboratory or ship of some kind. There's other humanoid energy entities around me. I'm on the Earth and looking down on it at the same time, while also falling into "normal reality" or the "real world". I have a few perspectives at once.

My perception shifts into feeling like I am shrinking and being compressed, confined. I'm being forced into a type of tunnel. New separators come into existence around my boundaryless awareness. I am beginning to feel that I have a body.

This is horrible, wonderful, captivating, and confounding all at once. I let out a long yell that emits from one part of the ecstasy of this light body and one part horror, anger, and frustration at / from my collapsing Earth body. The sound emanates from the deepest structures of the Universe through my geometric center.

I pop into being fully back within my "Earth body". In the next moment, I'm catapulted into the most insane psychedelic realm I've ever experienced, which is saying something for me.

OK, I guess now I'm a part cartoon, purple-blue, upright hippo and am racing another quasi animal downhill. I observe a surrounding landscape of shifting objects, neon light and frantic wackiness. It's a gorgeous insanity built on top of that strange, soft light substrate. My perspective origin is darting around the scene.

I can only make out individual objects for a split second before they morph. I have an odd feeling that the other hippo is an old friend from the military. I haven't thought about her in a while, that fellow drunkard. The downhill race is approaching the checkered tape.

Just like hundreds of times before, I awake with a violent jolt and the regular gasping for air. Holy! Fucking! Shit! An uncontrollable shake emanates from just above my navel and ripples through the rest of my nervous system.

I have no idea where I am. I don't sleep on a goddamn bunkbed! Have I been drugged? I think I can escape, just be calm and think this through. I'm not tied up. After ten seconds, I remember I've been partying and backpacking in Europe. Damn, I really fucked myself up this time!

Those were the most insane realms I've experienced in any state. There's no way I'm going to remember that (is my next thought). It's about three in the morning. Incredibly, I fall back asleep. Mercifully, it's pure oblivion until I wake up. I apologize to my Japanese roommates about the noise I must have made that night. They say they didn't hear anything.

I am obsessed with this dream for the next couple of weeks. I think and write about little else. This is the first time I've had an interest in dream interpretation. Our "normal world" now seems false and distant.

I've boiled down some opinions and points about that night. The main theme of this experience was of "my" energy signature stepping down until I was this body and mind in this world. "I" seemed to come from somewhere else.

It seemed like I was perceiving energies that are normally invisible to my senses, but which I experienced somehow. I'm not sure if this was a kind of plasma, ultraviolet, gamma, different dimensions, alternate Universes, none of these, or all of these.

The psychedelic, shifting landscapes seemed to be fragments of thoughts and imagined scenes racing past my awareness, creating the chaos. The environment was responding directly to pieces of ego mind which operated directly on the strange light medium.

My shifting perspectives were fascinating. My individual mind bounced all around the environment untethered. This part is guiding me to read more about quantum physics and observer effects. In the dream, I was scanning the environment and everything was shifting. I wasn't applying any definitions, so my perception was fragmented, I guess.

It was interesting that this came after a few weeks of an alcohol binge. That surely was some type of initiator. Maybe it was merely my brain demanding a break. I haven't drank for these past couple of weeks as a result.

I guess I don't need fantasy drinking land when I have months of content to process from these visions.

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