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(Gus) The Web Finds a Terraformer Commander - MWG Ch6 (Sci-Fi)

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Our web has accepted a powerful new symbiote candidate. His incarnate experiences and perceptions have been so negative that all levels of his energy are being dissolved and torn apart by a near constant dark vortex storm. His distortion is extending widely into the environment and damaging the humans around him as well.

On the physical plane, he is an alcoholic, suicidal and self destructive. The remnants of his light body signature have merged with us and asked for a shared evolution. This is a rare Earth being since he is also strong, creative, resourceful, and intelligent.

His belief in oblivion and complete reliance upon the material world feed his intense self hatred. These are the sources of this darkness. He seems to have split into many different beings as a result. His early stages of endosymbiosis will bring an endless stream of horrors to his dreams and waking mind.

But, he will emerge the other side an integrated being with great powers, able to control fleets for terraforming worlds and innoculating them with life. Many strains, bacteria, plants, and animals will be spread to great distances with his help. Endless new types of life will march into being.

Immediately after his discovery and request, the subtle levels of his energy body were healed and unified by specialists of our web. It will be nearly an Earth decade for the process to cascade down to his physical levels. As stated, he is in for many strange experiences and difficulties as he comes to know our web and all it offers.

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