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Did I Piss Out Magic Spores? - MWG Ch7 (Sci-Fi)

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There is a mini grove of pine trees around my garden that I always pee around. It's to save water, not because I'm too lazy to go inside, of course. I never gave this convenient outdoor toilet a second thought.

After about four months of this, a patch of piss mushrooms sprang up! I have to be the cause since this is the only fungus patch in the area. Maybe it's just the moisture I've been providing. I know mycelium loves the pine needles too. I am excited since they are golden brown tops with white stems, a good start when looking for psilocybin mushrooms.

There is a scientific process for identifying mushrooms. Being careful with the method is the difference between a wonderful entheogenic experience and dying over a torturous three days of liver failure.

When picking them in the wild, it can be suicidal to not go through the full study before ingesting them. I took pictures, samples, spore prints, and positively identified them as Psilocybe cubensis, the classic magic ones!

Their caps are the right shape. Their spore prints were dark purple with a slight brown tint. They had odd tiny dark red splotches though, which gave me pause. I almost didn't notice these markings, but saw them with my magnifying glass. A few days of research provided no information about those curious features.

I dried the four little ones over the next week, fasted for the day, and ate them one night. They were intense for such a small dose. I experienced long periods of streaming pastel ribbons imprinted with geometries. The quality of light in this trance was exactly like that insane dream I had while traveling.

This trip showed me the possibility that I provided not only the moisture for this fungus, but the spores as well. I came away with a deep feeling of my body as an interdependent and continuous part of the environment.

I know I will be pondering and meditating on these events obsessively. No wonder my mind and dreams have been so fucked up if psilocybes have been part of my body!

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