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A Strange Impulse, A Strange Self Experiment - MWG Ch8 (Sci-Fi)

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That black rash showed up again near my left elbow. It was gone for a few months and I'd forgotten about it. The little bastard itches this time around. A regular skin rash is reddish and flat. This dark one is slightly raised. I wonder what it is. It'll probably go away in a week or so like last time. I just need to keep up with the cream if I can remember between my wasted and hungover oscillations.

Well, the rash has hung around for a couple of weeks. I feel a strong impulse to scrape it off and see if it will grow in a mason jar. I don't know where this compulsion comes from. I've always had a mad scientist streak, but this is almost too weird. I'll boil some multigrain rice, then scrape the section, and lastly throw in some sugar and salt to feed whatever this thing might be.

These latest thoughts suggest I'm spiraling into insanity. I haven't talked to anyone in months. Maybe I'm delusional. But, how would I know from my perspective? Does thinking I'm insane make me less insane? When I get lost in my mind like this, I know it's time to write about it at the bar.

It's been cathartic to purge this stuff for later review . This also helps me take things less seriously. Maybe it will congeal into something coherent some day. It doesn't really matter.

Yesterday I had a realization that I can write anything in the name of fiction without being judged insane! Then again, this shows that I'm paranoid about judgement… which shows that I'm doing some judging. My internal rants go on and on. Anyways, time to experiment!

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