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Merging with Gus (Sci-Fi Book) - Table of Contents

Thanks for checking out my first science fiction book! I wove in many topics including evolution, fungal symbiosis, terraforming, dreams, the psychedelic experience, and healing insanity. This work is inspired by lectures and ideas from Lynn Margulis, Terence McKenna, Dennis McKenna and Paul Stamets.

I will keep updating the chapters on this site until it feels complete. Then I will post the full thing. For now, enjoy the work in progress!

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Merging with Gus Introduction

  1. Introduction by The Web (Through Me)
  2. Early Evolution of Galactic Spores
  3. Introduction by the Symbiote Author
  4. The Neutron Star that Ignited in my Skull
  5. Dreaming an Energetic Rebirth and Wacky Realities
  6. (Gus) The Web Finds a Terraformer Commander
  7. Did I Piss Out Magic Spores?
  8. A Strange Impulse, a Strange Self Experiment
  9. I Guess I am Magically Inoculated
  10. Spreading my Spores Around
  11. (Gus) Appraisal of this New Merger
  12. (Gus) View of the Earth Mergers
  13. The Shadow Beings of my Nightmares
  14. (Gus) Seeing the Merger Heal Dark Realms
  15. The Day my Skull Started to Reconstruct
  16. That Time I Asked the Green Fairy Light to Shoot Through my Chest
  17. (Gus) Wider Energetic Healings of this World
  18. The Shadow Demons Seem to be Losing Interest in my Torture
  19. I Keep Getting Killed in my Dreams
  20. Wow, a Wonderful Dream for Once!
  21. (Gus) Fractal, Rippling Healings

=D =D =D =D (The Four Mushrooms of the Apocalypse)

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